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Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing allows graduates of the rehabilitation programme access to subsidised and fully functional accommodation for up to 3 months. This enables clients to continue receiving support in a controlled and safe environment.

Residents who show an interest in moving into this aspect of the programme, will be assessed for their eligibility, and if suitable will be offered a room.

Currently, we have a male transitional house and a female transitional house. Graduates are able to access all the support they would have been receiving in the previous 13 weeks from staff at the rehabilitation facility and are encouraged to participate in group theory work and nominated programme activities. Graduates will also continue to be randomly and regularly urine tested and breathalysed.

Staying at the transitional house is dependent on the graduates’ participation in the programme and the ability to maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Clients in the transitional programme are encouraged to slowly integrate back into the community and into employment. The first 12 months of recovery are vital to recovering addicts and they require a support network to assist them in avoiding relapse. 

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